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Where to Hang Your Neon Sign at Home


Are you trying to figure out how to spruce up your home and bring some fun, artistic spirit into your home? Then getting a custom neon sign might be something to consider.

Neon signs are not only sources of light, but also ideal focus points that create distinctive vibes in your living space. They are important elements of home decoration since they provide the finishing touches to your space. 

After you get a neon sign, another thing you need to know is where to hang it for the best impact. It can be difficult to figure out the perfect position, as they need to be visible, not too far, or not too bright.

Here are some tips for you to consider where to place your neon signs at home.


1. In the Living Room


Living rooms are spaces for relaxation, accepting visitors, and spending time with friends and families. Neon signs can help beautify your living room and add some personal flair to your area. You can custom your neon signs into a welcome sign or inspirational phrases.

And the perfect place to hang a custom neon sign in the living room is above your sofa, because it is visible and not obstructed by any object. You can choose a neon light that matches the color of the sofa or one that goes well with the decoration in your living room. 

A well-designed neon sign with bright colors will add a touch of modernity and style to your space. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it provides another source of light for your home parties and game nights.


2. In the Kitchen


Kitchen spaces are creative spaces in homes, and it is important not to overlook the importance of decorating kitchen spaces in the most authentic ways.

Do you want to add some spice to your kitchen? A neon sign is the perfect way to jazz up your space and provide an alternative light source to give your kitchen a special glow.

You could also consider hanging your neon sign by your dining area. Then your dining experience will be made even more enjoyable by a classy restaurant vibe it creates.


3. By The Home Bar


A home bar is not only a place to enjoy your favorite drinks, it also represents your personal style and is a place to gather with friends and family.

Using a home bar neon sign, you can make your home bar a stylish pub that enhances the ambiance and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Custom neon signs can set the perfect mood in your home bar. They can be crafted to match the ambiance you desire, whether it's vibrant and energetic or relaxed and intimate.


4. In Your Home Office


A neon sign would add a great touch to your home office or study. Having a personal space is essential to channel your energy and stay focused on work, and a neon sign can help.

A neon sign with your best quote can be hung on the wall to keep you motivated. Your positive mindset and attitude can be reinforced by seeing positive messages every day. If you can't motivate yourself to repeat these positive thoughts every day, let neon signs do the work for you.

Besides, the light from a LED neon sign can make your office more beautiful. The design of the neon sign can also encourage some creativity for your work. 


5. In The Kid's Room


Custom neon lights are unique and eye-catching. They bring not only whimsy and charm, but also a personalized and mesmerizing atmosphere that children love.

Kids will love a neon sign in their room. You can use numerous kid-friendly neon signs in your kids' rooms. It is easy to personalize a neon sign to spell out their nicknames or display their preferred cartoon characters, movies, and superheroes. A neon sign is a great way for kids to have fun.


6. In The Bedroom


Bedrooms are also great spots for hanging neon signs. You can customize neon signs that are based on your preferred design. They can help illuminate and decorate your bedroom space.

The sign could be inspired by your favorite sayings or mantra, or an image that inspires you. You can place these just above your bed to gets your day started.

LED neon lights are safe and won't produce noise or heat in the bedroom, so there's no reason to worry.


7. In The Hallway


Neon lights can also be used to provide adequate lighting and decoration for areas such as hallways or passageways. Adding a neon light to your hallway instantly makes it one of the most intriguing and distinctive areas of your home.

You can use neon signs to illuminate the hallway or passageway. Neon signs can be a unique form of illumination and can create a colorful and stylish atmosphere in your house.

To create a truly eye-catching design, you can either add a simple neon sign to your hallway or hang several text-based neon signs. You can choose from a series of colorful neon signs for your hallway and create an awesome light show or just use neon signs with text on them to decorate your home.



LED neon signs are safe to use indoors and they have become a popular way to bring light, life, and personality to any space. An LED neon sign can be an excellent option for adding a touch of whimsy or making a bold statement in a room.

LED neon signs provide a visually pleasing addition to any space and allow you to add a personal touch to your home. However, it's important to know where the sign will be placed before getting it. 

The spots listed above are all amazing locations to hang a neon sign to get the best out of it. So, get started by shopping at Kangxuan Neon to add that extra touch of decor and class to your home.



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