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Five Reasons to Replace Your Neon Sign with an LED Neon Sign


1. Running Cost


LED technology has transformed the performance of decorative lighting. By utilizing LEDs (light emitting diodes), LED neon signs operate at a much lower voltage than traditional neon signs, saving approximately 20% on running costs, so LED neon signs are more energy efficient. This is especially true for large signs and outdoor displays.


2. Maintenance Cost


Another aspect of the cost savings of LED neon signs is their regular maintenance costs. Traditional neon lights have a life expectancy of about 30,000 hours. This means you'll need to replace the fixtures regularly, depending on the usage of the sign. LED neon lights have about three times the life expectancy of traditional lights, which means you won't have to replace them as often.


3. Visibility


LED neon signs are more eye-catching than traditional neon because of their vibrant colors and high contrast. LED neon lights are brighter in the dark, making text or images stand out more. This means that your sign is more likely to attract attention and people will be more likely to find your business.


4. Environmentally Friendly


Compared to traditional neon lights, LED neon lights are significantly more environmentally friendly because they consume less energy and last longer. It will be less expensive and better for the environment for you to not have to worry about replacing your sign because it will last longer. This leads to cheaper electricity costs as well as a smaller carbon impact, which makes them an environmentally responsible option for both businesses and lighting enthusiasts.


5. Safety


Traditional neon signs are easily damaged because the tubes are made of glass. Typically, you should hire a professional to install and replace them. You should also be careful when moving the signs because they are likely to shatter if they fall. Compared to traditional neon lights, which can cut people if broken, LED neon lights do not break when dropped. LED neon signs are much more durable, so if you accidentally drop them, simply pick them up and continue doing what you were doing.

LED neon signs have many advantages over traditional neon signs, including being more energy efficient, having a longer lifespan, being more visible, and being safer to use. If you're looking for a way to add some extra flair to your business, home or event, LED neon lights are a great option to consider. Get your LED neon signs here at Kangxuan Neon now!

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